Anish Kapoor

Born in Mumbai in 1954 Anish Kapoor studied at the Hornsey College of Art, London between 1973 and 1977. He was at the Chelsea School of Art in 1978 and went on to teach at the Wolver Hampton Polytechnic in 1979. Kapoor was artist in Residence at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in 1982.

Kapoor has held several one man shows amongst which the recent ones are Void Field at the Lisson Gallery, London in 1989-90, Drawings Tate Gallery, London, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York in 1990-9 1. He represented Britain at the Venice Biennale in 1990. He exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and also at Iowa, Ottawa ad Toronto in 1992-93. The show Echo was held at Nagoya, Japan in 1994 and Anish Kapoor in Tokyo in 1995. In 1996 a show of his sculptures was held in Finland, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge and Brescia. Gourd Project was shown in the same year at San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Cologne. Kapoor has also done collaborations like Building for a Void an architectural collaboration with David Connor for Expo '92, Sevffie in 1992. He did River Run, a stage design for a dance performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 1993 as well as Echo's group of five sculptures which incorporated music mechanisms. He has also participated in several group exhibitions. In 1990 Anish Kapoor was awarded Premio Duemila at the Venice Biennale. The prestigious Turner Prize was awarded to him in 1991.

Kapoor's works evoke subliminal heights which frequently draw from phenomenological thought. Rough, hewn rocks, boulders, stones for instance in their tactile earthiness also create a feeling of infinity in the voids created by the artist. The use of primary colors like red resonate archival sources as well as the materiality of paint. Vast expansions of space, which are his concern are er~ from ordinary objects in a distinctive manner.

Kapoor lives and works in London.

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Anish Kapoor
White Sand, Red Millet, Many Flowers
Wood, cement & pigment. Installation, dimensions variable

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Anish Kapoor
Void Fileld
Sandstone & Pigment
Dimensions variable