Bal Chhabda

Bal Chhabda, a self taught artist, was born in 1923 in what is now Pakistan. His early career began with film making but he soon gave it up to start the well-known gallery m Mumbai, Gallery 59, after the year in which it began. The gallery was to showcase the work of many young artists like Krishen Khanna, M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta who are part of the national mainstream today. Soon after Chhabda took to painting himself.

He has participated in several exhibitions in India and abroad including Salon de la Jeune Peinteure, Paris and Tokyo Biennale, 1960. He received the Governor's award, one of the three major awards, at the Tokyo Biennale in 1961. He has also par6cipated in the exhibition, Seven Indian Painters at Gallerie Le Monde de U Art, Paris, 1994.

Chhabda's work has faintly discernible boundaries of the form in Lyric dispositions. These are at the same time just a positions of colour which in recent times have created both intimate and expansive spaces.

Chhabda lives and works in Mumbai.

bal chhabda-1.jpg (13195 bytes)

Bal Chhabda
Sitting Nude
Oil on canvas
33" x 133"

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Bal Chhabda
Nostalgic Moments
Oil on canvas
42" x 45"