Mukul Dey

Mukul Dey was born in 1895. He educated at Rabirfdranath Tagore's School, Santiniketan, under Abanindranath Tagore at the Indian School of Oriental Art and at the Slade School of Art, London. Dey taught at King Alfred's School, London, was the first Founder Member of Kalika Art Gallery, Santiniketan and the Suri'Museum, Birbhum. During the 1910s. Dey exhibited widely in Calcutta, Paris, The Neth6@lands, London, San Francisco and Chicago. He also held exhibitions at the Indian Schc@d of Oriental Art, Calcutta (1928), Sri Lanka, Benara & Santiniketan (1946-51), at the Commonwealth Art Institute, London (1959).

Mukul Dey died in 1989.

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Mukul Dey
Portrait of Rabindernath Tagore
Coloured Pencil on paper
14.5" x 10"