Rajendra Kumar Tiku

Rajendra Kumar Tiku was born in Wadwan, Kashmir in 1853. Initially, Tiku graduated from Kashmir University with science and then law. Simultaneously, he studied sculpture from the Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Srinagar and completed his course in 1978. Tiku became the founder-secretary of 5. P. College Artists' Association.

Tiku works with wood and stone, some of it bearing associations with architectural elements. His work is metaphoric using coloured threads and inscribing graffiti on wood or stone. He likes to generate the ambiance of scared around his sculpture. Clever use of cracks and breaks in the block of stone creates an aura of a relic form the past. A sense of history breathes another dimension to the roughly carved sculpture.

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Rajendra Kumar Tiku
The Prison Diary
Stone & Iron
53 x 30 x 30 cm

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Rajendra Kumar Tiku
Talisman I
Stone, Wood & Iron
85 x 70 x 55 cm