Sudhir Patwardhan

Born in Maharshtra in 1949 Sudhir Patwardhan is a self taught artist and a practicing radiologist. Apart from several solo show he has participated in international exhibitions like 'Aspects of Modem Indian Art' Oxford, U.K. 1982; Contemporary Indian Art, festival of India, London, 1982; Seven Indian Artists, Hamburg, West Germany, 1982; Contemporary Indian Art, Festival of India, New York, 1985; Festival of India, Center George Pompidou, Paris 1986 and 'Coupe de Coeur' Geneva, 1987.

Patwardhan's canvases are densely populated reflecting the hub of city life often with emphasis on the ordinary, working man. His human forms are imbued with a sense of innate dignity as they go about performing their chores in busy city streets or in suburban construction sites. Apparently realistic, the work at times brings in an imaginary, remembered space or it can be viewed from several vantage points making it multi faceted. More recently the receding and emerging figures provide a rhythmic unity to his group compositions echoing the ancient mural art of Ajanta and Ellora.

Patwardhan lives and works in Thane near Mumbai.

sudhir patwardhan-1.jpg (7498 bytes)

Sudhir Patwardhan
Oil on canvas
72" x 60"

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Sudhir Patwardhan
Memory - Double Page, Diptych.
Oil on canvas
79" x 118"

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Sudhir Patwardhan
Station Road
Acrylic on canvas
40" x 48"